Poems & Other Art Forms: A Poetry Workshop Inspired by Everything 2019 w J. Delp

Start Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
End Date:
Friday, May 3, 2019
Mallory-Towsley Center, Interlochen Center for the Arts
4000 Hwy M-137
Interlochen, MI 49643
United States

Artists often speak about the moments their best work takes place as a mysterious time when their studies of the elements of craft and their instincts come together seamlessly.  The art – be it a poem, a piece of music or a sculpture – seems to appear almost of its own making, perhaps leaving the artist as intrigued as the viewer or reader. This 3-day course will explore the space and time when the writer is both consciously and unconsciously creating, and the interplay between poetry and other artistic forms. We will look at poems inspired by paintings, sculptures, photographs, songs, symphonies, films and other genres and forms, as well as works of art inspired by poems. Together we will work to discover what these pieces of art are communicating to one another, the language they share, and their uniqueness, through a balance of readings, discussions and guided writing prompts. Regardless of whether you are exploring poetry for the first time or looking for new inspiration after years of writing, if you are a lover of many forms of art and also enjoy thinking about the distinct life a piece takes on, this course welcomes you.

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