Fiber Package 2017 with Rita Petteys and Emily Wohlscheid

Start Date:
Friday, October 27, 2017
End Date:
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Mallory-Towsley Center, Interlochen Center for the Arts
4000 M-137 Hwy
Interlochen, MI 49643
United States

Fiber Dyeing for Spinners

All spinners love color and develop a deeply personal relationship with their favorite hues over time. In this workshop, we will be dyeing fiber using a variety of techniques that will enable spinners to express their deep love of their favorite colors while learning new techniques to help finesse their results. The focus will be on measuring materials and dye, and learning the tricks to getting soft, fluffy, immediately-spinnable fibers. We’ll talk about color theory and color choices, how to use the inherent properties of the fiber and dye for the results you seek, and how to achieve repeatable results. When we start dyeing, there will be several examples of the techniques and demonstrations on how to achieve those results.

There will be plenty of time to dye at least the three pieces of fiber included in the class. Feel free to bring your own combed top or roving to the class to dye as well. There will be additional materials available to purchase for additional fibery fun! Students will take away at least three 4-ounce pieces of fluffy, colorful fiber, a bibliography of fiber-related books and websites, resources for ordering dyes, fiber, and chemicals, and an electronic copy of the handout for class.

Fiber Blending Workshop

Revitalize your existing fiber roving or design your own colors and textural effects for a special project, while exploring the drum carder in this one day workshop. The process of fiber blending known as drum carding uses a drum of tooth covered cloth to separate, align, and combine fibers in preparation to be dyed, spun, or felted. Custom blends for specific textures, color combinations, and striping effects can be created on the drum carder, giving you more control of your project's outcome. Drum carder vocabulary and procedures will be explained, followed by a discussion of fiber types and how each type of carding cloth affects the processing of the fiber. You will apply this knowledge to achieve a desired visual effect in your spun or felted project. Methods of carding will include tweeds, striped/gradated, and textural batts. Handouts will be provided with instructions and suggestions for methods spinning or felting your freshly made batts. The possibilities are limitless!

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